International Air and Space Law

The field of international air and space law is extremely complex. The complexity of this area can be proved by the fact that it contains the whole spectrum of international conventions, agreements and customs as well as national acts.

International air law has both academic and practical background, and its set of rules is one of the most strict and detailed in the world. The conventions of international air law (e.g. Chicago Convention) are exemplary in terms of their regulatory framework and coherency. The precise and professional work is inevitable in the aviation industry, and therefore it is a special and great opportunity to be engaged in this area.

Space law can be divided into two categories that are space law in a strict and in a broad sense. In the former case, by space law we mean the 4 + 1 conventions and agreements, which determine the regulatory framework of this field (e.g. Outer Space Treaty). Space law in its broader sense includes all branches of law that deal with the space sector and the space industry (e.g. legal aspects of funding, intellectual property rights etc.).

The newest specialization of our Firm is international air and space law. In our opinion, this is one of the most innovative areas of law, therefore it is crucial to pay attention to this field. Our Firm aims to play a juristic leading role in the aviation and space industry, this is the reason why we place strong emphasis on the members of the sector. Sárhegyi and Partners also provides a fully comprehensive legal service in case of transactions of any size.