Corporate and commercial

Companies play a decisive role in the economic bloodstream of every country; they are the drive of commerce. The common feature of companies operating in different fields and in different forms is that their operation is not conceivable without a solid legal background.

From the time of the establishment of our firm, the vast majority of our clients have been legal entities and/or companies. Sárhegyi & Partners Law Firm has a wealth of experience providing legal assistance for a range of companies operating in Hungary.

Our varied client base includes large public and domestically- or foreign-owned private companies. We take pride in the fact that in recent years we have provided assistance to an increasing number of foreign companies with their operation in Hungary and to Hungarian companies in entering foreign markets.

We act for our clients in respect of establishment of new ventures, transactions related to their daily operation and exceptional and specific cases. Our team works to help clients enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operation and achieve their commercial goals.