About us


Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm was founded in 1993 after the demerger from No. 59. Law Partnership Firm which provided services primarily in the fields of economic and foreign trade law already in the 1980s.

Our firm is characterized by constant innovation and growth reflected by both our fields of activity and the size of our team. We deliver a full range of services across our platform of practices and sectors in tax, labour, company, financial, commercial, real estate and energy law. We also have decades of experience in the field of real estate development, health law, corporate acquisition and printed and electronic media law and factoring.

The civil law practice of our firm is well known and respected at domestic and international level. We represent our clients, including the Hungarian state in high profile ICC and ICSID arbitration procedures.

We have participated in a large number of substantial international real estate, commercial and other investment projects. We regularly conduct legal due diligence on corporate acquisitions and other transactions.

Outstanding knowledge and expertise gained in the previous decades enable our firm to render excellent service to our domestic and international clientele by providing legal representation in their domestic and international activities. Our philosophy and core commitment is efficiency, professionalism, constructiveness and flexibility in our services provided for our clients.

In the rapidly changing business environment, the elaboration of customised legal structures in line with the existing legislative framework and the creation of specific legal solutions serving the best economic and business interests of the clients are indispensable for all enterprises.

We are proud of the fact, which is also justified by the feedback of our clients, that we pay special attention to understanding the economic and business background of their demands and to fully exploring the legal possibilities of the desired objective.

We firmly believe that exercising the practice of the profession of lawyer goes far beyond simply interpreting legislation and legal counselling, thus we make every effort to find the most expedient and sufficiently complex solution for our clients so that they will be able to implement their business decisions.

In order to be able to provide full-range and high quality legal and business counselling, our firm cooperates with a large number of experts in various fields who are available according to the needs of the clients.

Our team provides legal counselling in English, German and Chinese either in our office building or at other locations requested by our clients.