Space tourism – new market emerges in space

’Eating and drinking while floating in microgravity’ in the new article of István Sárhegyi covering the famous topic of space turism. You can read it now in the actual issue of Budapest Business Journal.

New partner announcement

We welcome as a firm Partner our recognised lawyer, Dr András Lovas, who has achieved his current position with persistent and successful work. Despite having more than ten years of experience and a decisive representative of our office for nearly five years, he is a responsible instructor for energy law at Pázmány Péter Catholic Faculty of Law. His excellence is in the knowledge and multidisciplinary experience what he has gained in respect of international arbitration and Hungarian litigation. In these cases, András has successfully represented large companies, multinational and state clients in the all, currently existing range of law enforcement forum […]

Sárhegyi & Partners welcome law students of Dr Szász Pál Scholarship Programme

Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő in cooperation with the State Secretary of the Ministry of National Affairs of the Prime Minister announced Dr Szász Pál Scholarship Programme for the fourth year in order to develop the economic law education beyond Hungary. The winners of the scholarship will participate in an eight-week internship during the scholarship period of 4-week summer internship at professionally licensed law firms in Budapest and a 4-week internship at companies, banks and law firms operating on the field of economic at the home region of the applicant. Budapest Bar contributes to the implementation of the programme and carry out […]

Professional discussion on the III. Hungarian Energy Law Conference

On the conference of Wolters Kluwer legal associates of the domestic energy sector key companies represented, where the current legal issues were discussed through via section-presentations and on a highly professional roundtable discussion. Latter was sponsored by Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm with the active participation of our renowned lawyers, András Lovas and Orsolya Szilágyi. The two-days conference provided an excellent opportunity for exchanging ideas for professionals operating on the field of law, regulatory and other related fields of the energy industry, both in and outside the plenary sessions. Click here to watch a short video about the conference.

Legal Conference at Zalaerdő

On June 14, we participated at the now-traditional Legal Conference in Obornaki Forestry School, at Zalaerdő Ltd, in which our Managing Partner Zoltán Sárhegyi and our Associate, Györgyi Flamich represented Sárhegyi & Partners Law Firm as keynote speakers. Among other things, the conference focused on the implementation of hunting laws and regulations changing in Zala, difficulties of the implementation of a new asset management contract, legal environment of the investements from budgetary aid and the criminal sanction of the budget.

Zsuzsanna Kelényi joined to our law firm

Kelényi Zsuzsanna joined to our firm recently as the leader of our Banking & Finance Practice. Zsuzsanna has more than 20 years of experience on the field of banking and financial law, corporate and commercial law, real estate and real estate development law. She primarily specialised on providing legal advice for credit institutes, real estate funds, audit firms and IT development companies.

ESA Business Incubation Centre opening ceremony

Today, our colleague, István Sárhegyi participated at the ESA Business Incubation Centre opening ceremony in Budapest, Hungary, organised by ESA and MTA. As he completed the Space Studies Program in Cork, Ireland represented also the International Space University Alumni and had a chance to greet the director general of ESA, Johann-Dietrich Wörner.

MIFID II Conference

On 7 September 2017, Dr. Kornél Szabó, deputy head of office at Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm, held a presentation at MiFID II Conference (Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on Markets in Financial Instruments), which was organised by, a leading Hungarian online financial journal. The discussion was about the effects of the Directive’s entry into force as it creates practical challenges for the participants of the national financial sector. At the Conference, which was also sponsored by our Firm, Dr. Kornél Szabó introduced the legal implementation of MiFID II. Our colleague and other participants […]

New Partners

From 2018, deputy office managers Dr. Balázs Rábely and Dr. Kornél Szabó will contiue their professional activites as partners at Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm.

Arsboni Carrier Safary

The Arsboni Career Festival took place at Közgarden in Budapest between 7 – 9 November. This event provided many law students and trainee lawyers with the opportunity to get acquainted with their potential employers from well-known law firms and companies in a very pleasant atmosphere. The Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm is especially committed to supporting young and talented lawyers, therefore the Firm participated in the event as a prominent sponsor. Additionally, as a part of the Festival, the Firm hosted an event called Safari, during which we welcomed many interested law students who were given insight into the activity […]

Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm

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Our firm is characterized by constant innovation and growth reflected by both our fields of activity and the size of our team. We deliver a full range of services across our platform of practices and sectors in tax, labour, company, financial, commercial, real estate and energy law. We also have decades of experience in the field of real estate development, health law, corporate acquisition and printed and electronic media law and factoring.

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