MIFID II Conference

On 7 September 2017, Dr. Kornél Szabó, deputy head of office at Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm, held a presentation at MiFID II Conference (Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on Markets in Financial Instruments), which was organised by Portfolio.hu, a leading Hungarian online financial journal. The discussion was about the effects of the Directive’s entry into force as it creates practical challenges for the participants of the national financial sector. At the Conference, which was also sponsored by our Firm, Dr. Kornél Szabó introduced the legal implementation of MiFID II. Our colleague and other participants […]

New Partners

From 2018, deputy office managers Dr. Balázs Rábely and Dr. Kornél Szabó will contiue their professional activites as partners at Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm.

Arsboni Carrier Safary

The Arsboni Career Festival took place at Közgarden in Budapest between 7 – 9 November. This event provided many law students and trainee lawyers with the opportunity to get acquainted with their potential employers from well-known law firms and companies in a very pleasant atmosphere. The Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm is especially committed to supporting young and talented lawyers, therefore the Firm participated in the event as a prominent sponsor. Additionally, as a part of the Festival, the Firm hosted an event called Safari, during which we welcomed many interested law students who were given insight into the activity […]

Book Of Lists 2017

We are proud to announce that Győri and Sárhegyi Law Firm achieved a prominent place in the Book of Lists among law firms that have international partners. The Book of Lists is a unique business and industry guide published by the Budapest Business Journal. This publication has been issued each year for the last twenty-five years both in Hungarian and English, and it presents the company data of the 2,500 largest companies in almost 100 fields. Link to the website of the Győri and Sárhegyi Law Firm.

Property Investment Forum 2017

Property Investment Forum 2017 was organized for the 13th time on 21 November by Portfolio, which is a leading Hungarian online financial journal. The Property Investment Forum is one of the most significant events for the Hungarian real estate community. The Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm participated in the conference as a Silver Sponsor. Dr. Orsolya Szilágyi, lawyer in the real estate project group of our Firm, gave an outstanding speech on the national and international legal regulation of apartment complexes.

The Hungarian State won a lawsuit of great importance against Budaörs

Despite the malicious endeavors of the opposing parties’ media regarding the legal importance of the present case, according to the final and binding decision of the Metropolitan Regional Court, Budaörs’s claim was fully rejected, moreover, the Court found that the budget acted in accordance with the law by introducing a solidarity contribution. Dr. Lovas András from Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm, who is representing the Hungarian State, emphasized that they are looking forward the process before the Curia. It is memorable that in June 2017 the opposing parties’ media flooded the Hungarian press with the news of the victory of […]


BUDAPEST IS ALSO ENTERS COMPETITION FOR THE HOSTING OF SPACE STUDIES PROGRAM 2020 OF INTERNATIONAL SPACE UNIVERSITY István Sárhegyi, on behalf of International Space University and Hungarian Space Office announced in the International Astronautical Congress, held in Adelaide, Australia, that Budapest candidated officially for the hosting of Space Studies Program of 2020, organised by International Space University. István Sárhegyi – the trainee lawyer of Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm – had also participated in the Space Studies Program (SSP) during this summer in Ireland. That is a graduate level professional development program conducted by ISU (International Space University) since 1988. […]

What is the scope of public assets?

The recently adopted legislative amendment which restricts access to information of public interest concerning economic ventures and funds in which MNB has a 100% interest has received a great deal of attention. Prior to the amendments to the Central Bank Act, a legally binding, final court judgment by the Court of Appeal of Budapest on the basis of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information required MNB to disclose information about the management of its foundations, on the grounds that it was information of public interest as the Hungarian National Bank manages public money. However, many […]

Liquidated damages or fee to be refunded

As the question was raised by one of our clients, we will publish it with the help of a hypothetical case. The agent was appointed by the principal to fulfil a task for which a deadline was established. Simultaneously, the principal paid HUF 100,000 as advance payment of commission and determined penalties for delay as the compliance with the deadline was important for him. They agreed that if the agent did not accomplish the task by the deadline set, the parties would regard the performance as failed and the agent should pay HUF 200,000 as contractual penalty to the principal. […]

Compensation for damages, indemninity payment, penalty forfeit in the light of the VAT act

In our legal practice we have often experienced that the contractual partners of our clients do not pay the penalty stated in the contract on the grounds that no invoice has been issued. Sometimes there are also disputes between the contractual parties whether the penalty stated in the contract is a gross value including VAT or nor. The basis of the disputes is that the Act on Value Added Tax (VAT Act) – in contrast to compensation for damages – does not lay down a concrete provision on penalty. This fact encourages lawyers or tax specialists encountering the problem to […]

Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm

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Our firm is characterized by constant innovation and growth reflected by both our fields of activity and the size of our team. We deliver a full range of services across our platform of practices and sectors in tax, labour, company, financial, commercial, real estate and energy law. We also have decades of experience in the field of real estate development, health law, corporate acquisition and printed and electronic media law and factoring.

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